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Demarcus Jones and the Solar Calendar II

“You read about the Arab slave trade before today, huh? You knew how the slave trade began, did you? You must have read also somewhere in your history book that Columbus killed as many Americans as he could to get what he wanted,” Demarcus boasted to his cousin Ashanti when she believed that she didn’t need the Solar Calendar. Demarcus Jones returns for his second adventure with the Solar Calendar. Along with his cousin Ashanti, Demarcus meets new historical characters and receives a greater understanding of world history as it relates to the African Diaspora. 

Black Facts introduced by Demarcus Jones and the Solar Calendar II 

  • Yaa Asantewaa 

  • Ramses II 

  • Partition of Africa 

  • Haiti 

  • Basr War 

  • Arab Slave Trade 

  • Solar Calendar 

  • Origins of the Transatlantic Slave trade 

  • Much Much More

Book Excerpts

The Solar Calendar was an ancient, magical device that I had found in a box in my room. After playing with it, I learned that it was a historical time machine. I used it several times to visit the past and learn real history. Losing the Solar Calen­dar was a mystery.

"In your land, North America, slavery began in 1619, but slavery began elsewhere before then. Let me show you."

“You’re the only friend I have in this house.” I plopped on the bed with the Solar Calendar in my hand. I wish the calendar would work for me instead of Ashanti. If it kept working for her, she would reveal its power to the whole world.

Happy Childhood
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