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Demarcus Jones and the Solar Calendar VII Audio Book

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Demarcus Jones’s journey with the Solar Calendar is finally coming to an end. He was told that the last time would be the last time, that it would work. He desperately wants to make one final attempt to solve the mysteries of the Solar Calendar before school is over. He’s used the Solar Calendar with five other people, but they’re scattered across three states. Half of them won’t even talk to him. Can these people even help or is this all for nothing?

Black Facts introduced by

Demarcus Jones and the Solar Calendar VII

  • Origin of Humanity
  • Origin of Racism
  • Haplogroups
  • Out of Africa
  • Capitalism
  • Racism
  • Feudalism
  • Colonialism
  • Communalism
  • Imperialism
  • And much much more
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