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What happens when a 17-year-old girl goes missing in the middle of the school day? Could her friends have been involved? Will the detectives do her any justice? Does social media help to locate her or does it help destroy the case? Twenty different people give twenty different perspectives on their encounters with Kayla Carlisle as they speculate what could have happened to her. Gather enough information to solve the case before reaching the end.

Book Excerpts

He and his partner, Detective Johnson, were the lead detectives on the case and felt that the story was nothing more than a waste of their time. There was no suspicion of foul play for the teen. If it wasn’t for social media, it wouldn’t even be a case.

JustJess bought the same makeup as Kayla. She watched makeup tutorials to try to get the same glow as Kayla. She almost achieved the look, but the hair was another thing. There was no way JustJess could afford bundles.

Fontayne didn’t know if he felt like a snitch or good that he was helping out. He knew Kayla would be pissed if he told someone about her cheating on her boyfriend. At least this way, the police could look into it and if they reached her and she resurfaced, her mom would come back from the dead and wouldn’t know that he had anything to do with it.

Happy Childhood
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