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The Greatest Hall of Fame 2

After listening to her classmates joking, Zaria is excited to find something that is just for her. In this wacky world of wonder, the Greatest Hall of Fame encourages Zaria to reach her goals by seeing the strength of historical figures. 

Historical figures such as: 

  • Maya Angelou 

  • Percy Julian 

  • Matthew Henson 

  • Ella Baker 

  • Nina Simone 

  • Dr. Vivian Thomas 

  • Ida B. Wells 

  • David Blackwell 

  • Mary McCleod Bethune 

  • Jesse Owens 

At the end of each chapter, the reader chooses which chapter to read next. As an added benefit, there is a map in the beginning of the book to help the reader keep up with how they read along in the book.

Book Excerpts

“Dr. Vivian Thomas was so dedicated to his dream of becoming a doctor, that he didn’t allow anything to stop him,” the voice from nowhere resounded. “He created lifesaving steps and taught dozens of surgeons how to do the same.

“Congratulations!” The voice from nowhere interrupted her thoughts. “Your dedication awards you to the next level.”

Zaria expected to see the inside of the train station when she walked through the doors. It was something she would have been really excited to see, since she had no clue what one looked like on the inside. But there was no train station on the inside. It was court.

Happy Childhood
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