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The Huey P. Newton Panthers made a mockery of their rivals, The Heru Falcons during the football game’s halftime show. Was this prank enough to make the Heru Falcons set their school on fire. The two schools had been rivals for years, but now people are saying they’ve taken it too far. Twenty different stories are told in the events surrounding the fire at Huey P. Newton High School. Gather enough evidence to solve the case before reaching the end.

Book Excerpts

“A fire, right where we put highly flammable foam. Listen to yourself man. Did any of you tell someone about this? Someone who would want this so-called cheap method of demolition?” He studied each person’s face looking for even a hint of guilt.

One story said only two people were hurt. Another said that a fight broke up the game. Some accounts blamed Heru while some blamed the Panthers, but neither was right. Neither told of the knockdown, drag out, brawl that ensued the entire stadium. It was a riot and Jeremy was left thinking perhaps he had made the entire thing up.

Renae gasped when she heard this information. She knew a lot of kids were hurt, but most that she knew of had minor cuts, burns and bruises. Nothing life threatening. Arson was bad enough, but this could potentially be murder.

Happy Childhood
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