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Demarcus Jones and the Solar Calendar IV

“Each time I translate a sentence for you, you have to let me use the Solar Calendar,” Sage said to Demarcus. Finally, Demarcus was going to learn the rules of the Solar Calendar, but would it be more than Demarcus bargained for? Follow Demarcus as he meets new historical characters and learn more about the African diaspora, all while attempting to understand the key to the secret Solar Calendar in Demarcus Jones and the Solar Calendar IV. 

Black Facts introduced by Demarcus Jones and the Solar Calendar IV 

  • Fred Hampton 

  • Government Creation of Black Ghettos 

  • Akhenaten 

  • Zora Neale Hurston 

  • Sakanoue 

  • Sentinelese 

  • Religion Origins 

  • Africans in Asia 

  • Cultural Appropriation 

  • Much Much More

Book Excerpts

“Dad, what’s going on? Who is this stranger and why am I being left alone with her?”

“It made Black people feel ashamed. So many wanted to be anything but those images sung and joked about. They did what they could to separate themselves from anything remotely similar to a shucking and jiving watermelon Negro.”

What happened with the Solar Calendar was real, but it was old. There was no reason for me to know all that stuff. I didn’t even know why I researched anything else after I used it. I didn’t even know why I was so mad.

Happy Childhood
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