"I thought I was making the calendar work, but now it looked like the calendar was working me,” Demarcus Jones said to himself when he realized the Solar Calendar’s power was stronger. Demarcus may have met his match with the third adventure in the series. New schoolmate Dejon, is a cunning new student who has grown accustomed to getting his way by any means necessary. When he unleashes the power of the Solar Calendar, it leaves Demarcus more cautious then ever. Black Facts introduced by Demarcus Jones and the Solar Calendar III Nat Turner Patrice Lumumba Zumbi American Civil War Queen Nzingha Marcus Garvey Malcolm X Exploitation of African Resources Afro - Brazilians Much Much More

Demarcus Jones and the Solar Calendar III

Book Excerpts

Joey and I were simply talking about college football and somehow Dejon entered the conversation. I knew something bad would happen because Dejon didn’t have the best attitude, and Joey walked around like he owned the world.

I knew he was confusing Malcolm X as a Black Panther, but educating him was the last thing on my mind.

"They're being forced to pick diamonds from their own land for these greedy scoundrels." A man came to greet us. "You wanted to know about this exploitive, evil industry, did you not?"

Happy Childhood
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