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Hamer High’s basketball coach, Coach Bobby, has been discovered dead the morning following a huge fight with his star basketball player. Even if it was just an accident, many believe that Brodrick Timmons caused his death. But what if his death wasn’t an accident? Twenty different stories are told in the events surrounding Coach Bobby’s death. Gather enough evidence to solve the case before reaching the end.

Book Excerpts

Before reaching the sidewalk, Natalia realized that something was wrong. There were two police cars parked in front of the van. She looked at the van. Through the broad, blue stripe, it read Coroner.

Justin hated that it seemed only he and Coach Black took his death so seriously. He couldn’t believe his own team would turn their backs on their coach. Coach would have never turned his back on them.

Charmaine read the article with disgust. She somehow felt that a piece of the blame for the fiasco belonged her. She had her doubts about Bobby Maker, but she never seriously looked into them. Sure, this story wasn’t a true news story, but a blog post. But people were taking it seriously. All of the students took it as real news and, most importantly, her boss did.

Happy Childhood
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