Join the CJK Crew

Why Should I Join?
  • Promote Positive Black Culture
  • Free CJK Products
  • Read Our Books First
  • Access Our Members Only Page
  • Introduced as a CJK Crew member
  • CJK Crew T-shirt
Why Should I Join?
What Does The CJK Crew Do?
  • Share/Post/Retweet on Social Media
  • Tell Their Friends About Us
  • Give Book Reviews
  • Complete Video Reviews
  • Earn Points For More Perks
What Does The CJK Crew Do?
How Do I Join?
  • Complete Our Questionnaire
  • Record Your Video
  • Send Us Your Member Photo
  • Participate
How Do I Join?
Membership Rules

Thank you so much for your interest in the CJK Crew. The purpose of the CJK Crew is to offer a fun way for you to share our products with your friends and family. The program is a volunteer based program, so participate as little or as much as you want. 


  • Video interview must be completed in order for point calculation to begin.

  • Access to members page is received once accepted into CJK Crew.

  • Participant may only earn 1 point/social media per day (max 3 pts per day as we are on FB, IG, and Twitter).

  • Participant may only earn Youtube points per video. Multiple comments on one video does not earn additional points.

  • In an attempt to track accurately, we will update the current points we have tallied for that week on the membership page. You must address any discrepancies within 48 hours of the weekly tally.

  • Prize options vary from month to month. Prizes may only be selected based on current inventory.

  • We reserve the right to be selective in participants who promote our brand.

  • Mailed products/packages could take up to 6 weeks.

  • Three months of inactivity forfeits tallied points and removes you from the CJK Crew. But don't worry, you can always rejoin anytime in the future.

  • Program subject to change at any time.

  • Please send any additional questions to

Membership Rules
CJK Crew Point Tiers

         Bronze tier 10-49 points

  • Added to promo team page

  • Introduced as promo team member on newsletter, social media and website

  • Access to members only page

  • Team T-shirt

  • Personal 20% off coupon for merch and audiobooks

  • Flyers

       Silver tier 50-99 points

  • New Tier Shout out

  • Free audiobook

         Gold tier 100-149 points

  • New Tier Shoutout

  • 2 Free audio books

  • 1 free autographed book

  • Promo box (fliers, pins, pencils, stickers, etc items vary)

  • Personal 25% off coupon

      Platinum tier 150+ points

  • New tier shout out

  • 2 Free autographed books

  • Promo box

  • Free merch item

      Diamond tier 150+ points

  • New tier shout out

  • Name on thank you page of upcoming book project

  • Promo box

CJK Crew Point Tiers
How To Earn Points

1pt. Social Media Share/Tag/Day

2pt. Promo photos (can be combined with above)

3pt. New newsletter subscribers

4pt. Youtube comment/like

5pt. Amazon/Good Reads Review

10 pt. Video Review (1/quarter for member, but member can submit reviews for others)

15pts. Personal coupon code used

How to Earn Points