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Demarcus Jones and the Solar Calendar

“It does seem like Black people didn’t exist before slavery..., even when we talk about world history,” 10-year-old Demarcus explained to his mom after a rough day at school. Join the historical adventure of Demarcus Jones as he discovers the secret Solar Calendar that takes him to far away places, where time has no control. He meets actual historical figures, who tell him of true events that have happened to the Black diaspora in the past. Demarcus follows these people during their time as he watches past events unfold right before his eyes. This book will leave the reader excited and wiser than he or she was before reading. 

Black Facts introduced by Demarcus Jones and the Solar Calendar 

  • Abu Bakari 

  • Tulsa Race Riot 

  • King Hatshepsut 

  • General Barca 

  • Rosetta Stone 

  • Origin of Greek philosophy

  •  African civilization 

  • Pre-columbian American history 

  • Much Much More

Book Excerpts

After losing quite a few more men, General Barca finally reached the gates of Rome. General Barca’s army of less than 30,000 men went against a Roman army that was more than twice its size. General Barca said this was the Battle for Cannae.

He told me that after the town was burned to ashes, the National Guard finally came to bring order. But instead of running to the aid of the victims, they marched all survivors back down that same burned street, in the face of all of those same people who destroyed their lives.

I now knew more about history than my teacher and I would soon begin to learn as much as I could. I would now live by those age-old words that have been taught repeatedly by my ancestors. Man, Know Thyself.

Happy Childhood
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