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At the young age of 10, Demarcus realized that no matter what he did in class, trouble always found him. Or at least that's what Ms. Smith said. Demarcus was stumped when a classmate joked about his heritage. "We haven't talked about Black people yet, because the pilgrims hadn't brought ya'll over from the jungle." Without knowing the true history of his legacy, Demarcus didn't even know where to begin. That is... until he discovered the Solar Calendar. Demarcus Jones products were created to teach history as it relates to the Black diaspora. Products introduce Black history before slavery and much more.

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Who would have thought a simple coin could take a kid on wacky world of wonder? The Greatest Hall of Fame series inspires youth to find joy within themselves after seeing stories of historical people from the past.

At the end of each chapter, the reader chooses which chapter to read next. As an added benefit, there is a map in the beginning of the book to help the reader keep up with how they read along in the book.

CJK Publishing fuses history, anthropology and entertainment into products that epitomizes Black Excellence. Our products include engaging stories for the entire family.


20 People’s Lies is a Young Adult book series that captures the stories of multiple persons in relation to one single event. Listen to the story of twenty people, as the reader tries to unearth the real story. 

Gather clues while learning the perspectives of friends, family members and eye witnesses. Do we ever really know what actually happens during  major event? Get the facts and try to solve the case before reaching the end?

Animated Series

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We've come up with more ways to introduce you to our content and characters. The first book in our Demarcus Jones and the Solar Calendar series as well as the first book in The Greatest Hall of Fame series are now animated. Click on the logo above to get started or visit our  youtube page to see them all. Remember to subscribe so that you never miss any content.


The Story of Mary Jane Patterson

Your uniqueness needs an outlet and we have just the thing for you. Innovative Inner G's Volume 1 includes coloring pages, stories, puzzles, lists, and more. It's creativity for all ages which means that you can get the entire family involved. For a limited time, you can get a snippet of this book in a free download.  Or click below to purchase.

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Demarcus Jones and the Solar Calendar Audio Book

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